Student Loans

Student loan has become a major issue in the United States. Students average over $37,000 in debt and there is a total of $1.4 trillion in debt for all students. The lack of high paying jobs for recent graduates make student loans a huge problem. Graduates can’t afford to pay their student loans and live a comfortable life. If you have high student debt, give our team a call. Atlanta Credit Counseling offers a variety of solutions that can lower your payments or interest rates. We can provide help consolidating your student debt, loan forgiveness or repayment plans. Feel free to call our customer service team today if you need help with your student loans.

Student Loan Debt
Students debt is becoming a larger problem every day. Each second $2,858 in debt is accrued. This has resulted in over $1.4 trillion dollars in student debt. Many students are stuck in low paying jobs when they graduate and have a hard time repaying these debts. This has created a generation of Americans that can’t afford to live a comfortable life. Student loans can take years to pay off. This is money that could go towards owning a home. Atlanta Credit Counseling offer student loan guidance and assistance. We can help with your student loan debt problems.

Student Loan Assistance
There are many ways to help with student loan issues. Consolidating your loans is an option. Consolidating several payments into one payment will help you pay your bill on time. You won’t have to worry about several due dates after consolidating your loans. Loan forgiveness programs are also available. We can help you apply for public service and teacher loan forgiveness programs. There are also income-based repayment plans and debt consolidation programs that can help you take control of your student loans.

Student Loan Default
If you’ve missed student loan payments, don’t hesitate to give u a call. If you are delinquent for more than 90 days on a student loan, your account could go into default. This could show up on your credit report and affect future credit decisions. Our team can help you resolve credit problems that arise from Student loan non-payments. Atlanta Credit Counseling provides student loan support for all our clients. If you need help resolving a student loan delinquency, give our team a call today.

Help with Student Loans
Let Atlanta Credit Counseling help you with your student loan problems. Our team has years of experience helping our customers with student loan problems. Your student loans can overpower your life. Let our team guide you and help you resolve your student loan credit problems. We offer a variety of services that can help you pay your student loans on time. You won’t have to worry about making several payments and you’ll have your loans payed off in no time. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today for more information.