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Atlanta Credit Counseling has been in the credit repair industry for years. Our credit repair services are designed to restore and repair your credit. We offer a variety of services that will slowly and steadily improve your credit. You’ll also learn healthy finance practices that will assist you in making future financial decisions. Our services will help you become a credit expert. Let our team help you get control of your credit problems. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today to learn more about our services.

    About Us
    Atlanta Credit Counseling is a team of trained accountants and credit repair specialists based in Atlanta GA. We have a team of experienced professionals available to solve any credit problem Our team has helped families and businesses regain control of their credit. Credit repair is a long and difficult task. It can be confusing to understand your report and its negative remarks. We offer credit consulting services that will help you solve your credit problems. You can learn more about our products and services below.


    Atlanta Credit Counseling provides a variety of services that will help you get your credit and life in order. We provide credit repair, counseling and planning for customers in Atlanta GA. Our employees have spent years helping clients like you regain control of their credit and steadily improve their scores. We can help you with credit inquiries, judgements, tax liens, student loans, foreclosures and charge offs. Fixing these problems may take time but your quality of life will improve once your credit is fixed. Our team will analyze your credit reports and advise you on a course of action that will help you improve your credit score.



    Tax Liens

    Credit inquiries are requests for credit information from a third party. They are normally made by financial institutions and are classified as hard or soft inquiries. Too many inquiries could affect your credit score. Atlanta Credit Counseling can help you remove unwarranted credit inquiries from your credit report. Let our team help you get rid of too many hard credit inquiries today.

    A judgement is a court order to pay a specified amount of money. Judgements can be impactful to your credit report and your way of life. Getting behind on judgement payments can also damage your credit. We offer services that can help you get back on track with your judgement payments and help you stabilize your finances. If you have a judgement on your wages, don’t hesitate to call Atlanta Credit Counseling for help.

    Tax Liens
    Do you have tax problems? Not paying your taxes or paying too little can eventually catch up with you. A court ordered tax lien will force you to pay back your taxes. Atlanta Credit Counseling offers tax lien assistance. We can help you settle your tax debt or alter your payment schedule. Our team are pros at tax law and will help you take care of your tax lien today.


    Student Loans


    Charge Offs

    Student Loans
    Student loans have become a huge problem in The United States. The lack of high paying jobs for new graduates makes paying student loans back close to impossible. High interest rates and low payments make your loans take years to pay off. Atlanta Credit Counseling can help you alleviate your student loan debt. We can design a plan that will help you pay off your student loans today.

    A foreclosure can be devastating to your credit score. You might have a difficult time getting loans or credit after a foreclosure. Atlanta Credit Counseling can help you solve your foreclosure problems. We have years of experience communicating with banks and helping clients solve their foreclosure problems. We can help you alter payment schedules and help you get your late payment problems solved. Give our team a call today if you are close to foreclosure on your home.

    Charge Offs
    Charge-offs are debts that a creditor will no longer try to collect if you’ve missed several payments. Credit cards will often write your account off as a loss and no longer seek payments. This doesn’t get you off the hook on payment. Charge offs can stay on your credit report for up to seven years. If your creditor sold your account to a collections team, the debt would still show in collections as well. We can help you with your charge off problems.


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    Would you like to learn more about our credit repair services? Atlanta Credit Counseling can help you solve your credit problems. We offer a variety of services that will steadily increase your credit score. We don’t offer a magic answer to credit repair. Fixing your credit will take time and dedication. You can learn more about out products and services by calling our customer service representatives at the phone number below. You can also reach us through email. Our reps respond to all emails and will provide answers to your questions during normal business hours. You can email our team by using the contact form on this website.

    “I’ve had credit problems my whole life. It always seemed like I was always a month or two behind on all my bills. I finally decided to try and fix my credit. I hired Atlanta Credit Counseling to help me with the process. It’s been six months and I finally have my credit under control and my bills are paid on time! Thanks!” – Kelly P.

    “My student loan debt was severely effecting my credit score. I haven’t been able to keep up on the payments. I ended up contacting Atlanta Credit Counseling to help me fix my credit score and get my payments made on time. They did an amazing job and my credit score grows each month” – Devin R.

    “I was behind on my mortgage and was worried the bank might foreclose on our home. I decide to search for help. Atlanta Credit Counseling helped me understand my credit and spending problems. They were able to come up with a plan to get me back on track.” – Alex P.